Jesus Trumps Washington ~ A Guest Post by John Hambrick

I am pleased to feature a guest post by Christian author and speaker, John Hambrick. Thank you for sharing this timely message. To read more about John, be sure to check out his website.

Jesus Trumps Washington

by John Hambrick

There are a thousand different ways to move toward the mess because there are a thousand different ways that spiritual, moral, and physical chaos impact our lives. The mess that is currently on our country’s front burner is in our nation’s capitol. The inauguration of Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States, has ushered in an era of polarization not seen for generations. Political commentators say they’ve never seen anything like it. Some of us are gleeful with the anticipation that a Washington outsider is finally going to “make America great again.” Others of us are horrified. How is it possible that a seemingly unprincipled reality TV star has been unleashed on the White House? The people who create political drama for television are hard-pressed to write something more intriguing than the plot unfolding before our eyes on Fox News and CNN.

As these political hopes and fears fly back and forth over the Internet, there’s both an amazing opportunity and a dangerous temptation facing us Christians. The temptation is simply this. It would be easy to allow our voice to melt into the roar either for or against Donald Trump. We could just add more volume to the angry and fearful rhetoric that’s coming from both sides of the political fence. To settle for this would be to miss an important chance to demonstrate the relevancy and credibility of our faith. It would be a failure to move toward our political mess in a redemptive way.

Then there’s the opportunity before us. It’s significant. It’s available to Christians who are for Donald Trump. It’s available to Christians who are appalled that he’s in office. And it doesn’t have much to do with our political platform. It has everything to do with the tone we bring to the discussion. It’s not so much about what we say. It’s about how we say it. We have a chance to move our country’s political discourse away from the harsh adversarial tone that is sapping our strength. We can model a more reasonable approach. This is no small thing. We’ve watched an ugly, angry political polarization pretty much paralyze Congress. We have a chance to demonstrate a better way to work together. Employing this collaborative tone constitutes a unique way to be the salt and light Jesus mentions in Matthew 5. Whether Trump is an unqualified success or an unmitigated disaster, it’s an opportunity to serve our country well.

There are 3 things that need to be in place for this distinctive tone to gain some traction among American Christians. First of all, we have to be clear that our hope is based on Jesus, not on the President. Of course we all hope that the decisions a President makes will impact our lives positively. But to expect those decisions to give us the life we’ve always hoped for is to ask more of the Presidency than it’s capable of delivering. The President just isn’t powerful enough to guarantee that kind of future. Fortunately, God is.

And the good news is that God is in charge. Someday He will make all things as they should be. When we’re clear on that, the desperation that fuels the angry political rhetoric begins to diminish. The pressure starts to ease up. The hope we have in God will not be eclipsed by a successful Trump presidency. Neither will it be lost should Trump’s presidency crash and burn. Simply put, Jesus trumps Washington, regardless of who’s in the White House. So we can take a deep breath and relax. Maybe the next 4 years will be wonderful. Maybe they’ll be awful. But the Kingdom of God is not in trouble. And so neither are we.

The second thing required to be political salt and light is a refusal to allow our political differences to divide us. In 1 Corinthians 1:10 Paul says, “I appeal to you, brothers and sisters, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that all of you agree with one another in what you say and that there be no division among you . . . “ (NIV)

Paul is asking us to avoid divisions. But how is that possible? We don’t agree about who’s fit to be the President. We have different ideas about our country’s foreign policy. And we’re not on the same page about global warming. So what on earth can we agree about?  Well, for the past two thousand years Christians have agreed that Jesus is Lord. And that is exactly where Paul wants us to land. Jesus is the basis for Paul’s appeal regarding unity.

If we are united at the core of our faith, we can escape being divided by all those things, like politics, that are on the periphery of our faith. This doesn’t mean we have to agree politically. It means we have to allow our faith in Christ to hold us together when we bump into these troublesome political differences. If the body of Christ can model a respectful unity in the midst of political diversity, that could make a big difference. And by the way, this is not some sort of unicorns and rainbows appeal to hold hands and sing campfire songs together.  This is a gritty, tactical necessity.

Here’s the thing. Benjamin Franklin said, “If we don’t hang together we will surely hang separately.” He was talking about a defense against one of the most effective political and military strategies ever devised. It consists of a brutally simple agenda, “Divide and conquer.” So, while we haggle with each other and turn each other into enemies, our real enemies are quietly making progress. When we are consumed by fighting with each other, we have little energy left to creatively and effectively counter those forces in the world (both spiritual and political) that seek our destruction. It turns out that unity is a necessity if we are going to survive.

Washington hasn’t done a great job lately with this idea of unity. It’s not that they’re fiddling while Rome burns. It’s worse than that. They can’t even agree on what kind of violin to use. Our country needs to pull together, regardless of who’s President. Christians can lead the way. It’s kind of a big deal.

Finally, our opportunity to be political salt and light requires us to stay in the game. This is particularly hard because this last political campaign was so nasty. At times it sounded like fifth graders shouting crude insults at each other on the playground. Understandably, many Christians are on the verge of saying, “I’m done with politics.” If you’re one of those, please don’t go. We need you. Our country needs you.

The point is this; we can’t be political salt and light if we’re not involved politically. If we take the hope we have in Jesus Christ and withdraw into some sort of holy huddle we will have very little impact on the world. Jesus anticipated our temptation to check out. That’s why He insisted that we not put our light under a bowl but rather let it shine so everybody can see it. (Matthew 5:14-15) The world can’t see your light if it only shines on the inside of a Christian community. To follow Jesus requires getting involved in a very messy world. But that’s exactly what Jesus did. He moved toward the mess. And there is no mess like a political mess.

So get out there! Read. Listen. Discuss. Vote. Allow God to give you some passion about the issues facing our country. But remember where our hope lies. And remember that unity is a treasure we can’t afford to lose. These next four years might be wonderful or they might be a nightmare. But either way, wouldn’t it be amazing if our fellow citizens said, “We don’t agree with you on everything, but we’re sure glad you Christians are involved. You’re helping make this a better country.” That’s the opportunity that lies before us. It’s worth our best effort.

john-hambrickJohn Hambrick is part of the leadership team at Buckhead Church (the urban campus of North Point Community Church). His experience in Pakistan, London, South Africa, and inner-city Los Angeles has given him a unique perspective on what God is doing in the world. He is author of Move Toward the Mess. John and his wife, Patty, have two children and reside in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Move Toward the Mess: A Review by Carla Pollard

Socrates once said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” Sometimes we must take an inward look to change our outward perspective. The Bible instructs us to examine ourselves through the lens of God’s word and in unity with his Spirit. It’s easy to do what we’ve always done. But doing what we’ve always done can become routine. And, let’s face it, routine is boring.

The Spirit-filled (led) life is far from boring. Look at Jesus. He was driven into the wilderness for 40 days to be tempted of the Devil. That’s not boring. As he walked from town to town, Jesus was interrupted by Pharisees wanting to question him, by the sick desiring healing, by the demon-possessed needing deliverance, and by the hungry needing food, needing more of God. Not boring.

Jesus got his hands and feet dirty. Jesus didn’t insulate himself from the messiness of this world. He didn’t mind dealing with messy people. That’s what his ministry was all about. Our Great Physician said, “It’s the sick who need the doctor.”

If you sense your Christian experience is becoming a little routine, a little mundane, take an inward look and ask God to help you break out of the ordinary and begin to live an extraordinary life for Him.

In Move Toward the Mess, a new book by John Hambrick who serves in leadershipmove-toward-the-mess at the Buckhead Campus of North Point Community Church, challenges his readers to catch a fresh vision for God. He leads his reader to examine every aspect of their Christianity. He demonstrates the necessity to look closely at how we do church, what motivates us, where we see Jesus working and where we don’t see Jesus working.

Move Toward the Mess, a phrase coined by John Hambrick, opens the curtain that veils our eyes from seeing Jesus moving amidst messy lives. It is our judgmental views and prejudices that block us from becoming tools of grace in God’s hands.

“It took me a long time to realize that grace was more important than my observations about someone else’s life” (John Hambrick, Page 44).

John Hambrick reminds us God so loved the world, he moved toward the mess by sending his son to live among us and die for us. He didn’t draw back in judgement, but moved toward us in grace.

Move Toward the Mess gives us examples of modern-day disciples making a difference for Jesus, by not getting bogged down in routine church-ianity, but by moving in faith. Some minister in Africa; some leave corporate jobs to house the homeless; some start pulling prostitutes off the street. The point is, we shouldn’t be afraid of what God may ask. When we listen to his call, no matter how messy the circumstances, he meets us there. Living a Spirit-led life will never be boring and, through the mess, we find purpose and fulfillment.

“Moving toward the mess is not about leaving your job or staying at your job. It’s about being able to articulate how your life is connected to what God is doing in the world” (John Hambrick, page 166).

Move Toward the Mess is about following Jesus out into the fields of this world and building his kingdom one messy soul at a time.

This book is challenging to the comfortable. I couldn’t help but be reminded of the mess I was in when some gracious soul helped me and pointed me to Jesus. I don’t agree with every word of Move Toward the Mess, but I do agree with the heart of its message which I shared in this review.

This book is a great book for those who are bored with their Christianity and are seeking ways to better impact this world for Jesus.

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#Shakethesugarhabit Wrap-Up ~ Carla Pollard

I’m sure you’ve been wondering what happened! I know I mentioned my shoulder surgery. Then I was sick for about a week. Then life happened and I ran out of time to get this post up when it was expected. So sorry to all my readers who were following this journey to rid ourselves of the sugar habit.

I am happy to say sugar has taken a backseat to other healthy foods! Yea! It is a victory for sure. But, as promised, here is the wrap-up that was due to post back in October:

For My Body:

Well, we’ve completed our 28-day sugar detox. How did you do? I’m pleased to say I’ve created new Healthy Habits that I can follow for a lifetime.

  1. I’ve developed the habit of reading the labels and making informed decisions when it comes to the foods I eat.

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Building Healthy Habits for Life: Body, Mind and Spirit: FREE DOWNLOAD ~ Healing Promises/Heartfelt Praises ~ Carla Pollard

I’m so happy to provide you with this wonderful tool to use as you practice our stress-reducing breathing techniques and work on your selected yoga/stretching exercises.

Many yoga instructors suggest a “mantras” to use while flexing. I do NOT advocate mantras of any type. But I do offer you an alternative to this eastern practice. Use the Word of God instead.mind 2

Our FREE DOWNLOAD today has God’s promises of healing and heartfelt praises we can “breathe in and out” as we flex, stretch or pose. Filling our hearts with God’s word helps to promote healthy habits for our minds. Just meditate on His promises and fill the air with His praises. He is worthy! Amen.

Click here for your FREE DOWNLOAD:  Healing Promises and Heartfelt Praises w border

Blessing to you all!

Building Healthy Habits for Life: Body, Mind and Spirit (Week 2) ~ Carla Pollard

I reached a milestone this week with my recovery. I woke up at 5:30 am, grabbed my walker which was by the bed and made the all familiar trek to the bathroom. I decided it was a little too early to get up so I laid back down for 30 more minutes. When I sat up on the side of the bed to grab my walker it wasn’t there. I’m feeling around in the dark wondering where in the world my walker is, and then it hit me. I got up and hobbled to the hallway unassisted. There sat my walker, right by the bathroom door. I had walked back to bed without my walker and didn’t even realize it! Mind you: I’m only 4 weeks out from surgery. Yes! I am improving.

Small improvements can go unnoticed in light of the overall goals we want to accomplish, but small improvements get us there.

Lying in the hospital suffering the pain of surgery I wondered if my life would ever be normal again. After all, I don’t have my real knee anymore. The pain is so bad I don’t want to move the new one.IMG_20150210_174512

Where was the Lord taking me?

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