Move Toward the Mess: A Review by Carla Pollard

Socrates once said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” Sometimes we must take an inward look to change our outward perspective. The Bible instructs us to examine ourselves through the lens of God’s word and in unity with his Spirit. It’s easy to do what we’ve always done. But doing what we’ve always done can become routine. And, let’s face it, routine is boring.

The Spirit-filled (led) life is far from boring. Look at Jesus. He was driven into the wilderness for 40 days to be tempted of the Devil. That’s not boring. As he walked from town to town, Jesus was interrupted by Pharisees wanting to question him, by the sick desiring healing, by the demon-possessed needing deliverance, and by the hungry needing food, needing more of God. Not boring.

Jesus got his hands and feet dirty. Jesus didn’t insulate himself from the messiness of this world. He didn’t mind dealing with messy people. That’s what his ministry was all about. Our Great Physician said, “It’s the sick who need the doctor.”

If you sense your Christian experience is becoming a little routine, a little mundane, take an inward look and ask God to help you break out of the ordinary and begin to live an extraordinary life for Him.

In Move Toward the Mess, a new book by John Hambrick who serves in leadershipmove-toward-the-mess at the Buckhead Campus of North Point Community Church, challenges his readers to catch a fresh vision for God. He leads his reader to examine every aspect of their Christianity. He demonstrates the necessity to look closely at how we do church, what motivates us, where we see Jesus working and where we don’t see Jesus working.

Move Toward the Mess, a phrase coined by John Hambrick, opens the curtain that veils our eyes from seeing Jesus moving amidst messy lives. It is our judgmental views and prejudices that block us from becoming tools of grace in God’s hands.

“It took me a long time to realize that grace was more important than my observations about someone else’s life” (John Hambrick, Page 44).

John Hambrick reminds us God so loved the world, he moved toward the mess by sending his son to live among us and die for us. He didn’t draw back in judgement, but moved toward us in grace.

Move Toward the Mess gives us examples of modern-day disciples making a difference for Jesus, by not getting bogged down in routine church-ianity, but by moving in faith. Some minister in Africa; some leave corporate jobs to house the homeless; some start pulling prostitutes off the street. The point is, we shouldn’t be afraid of what God may ask. When we listen to his call, no matter how messy the circumstances, he meets us there. Living a Spirit-led life will never be boring and, through the mess, we find purpose and fulfillment.

“Moving toward the mess is not about leaving your job or staying at your job. It’s about being able to articulate how your life is connected to what God is doing in the world” (John Hambrick, page 166).

Move Toward the Mess is about following Jesus out into the fields of this world and building his kingdom one messy soul at a time.

This book is challenging to the comfortable. I couldn’t help but be reminded of the mess I was in when some gracious soul helped me and pointed me to Jesus. I don’t agree with every word of Move Toward the Mess, but I do agree with the heart of its message which I shared in this review.

This book is a great book for those who are bored with their Christianity and are seeking ways to better impact this world for Jesus.

***I’m pleased to announce that Created to Climb Ministries will be hosting a guest post by John Hambrick. We will also be giving away one free copy of Move Toward the Mess. Be sure and watch for the announcements. ***

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